Ain't this Life SO Sweet?

Before leaving Galway, I took the morning to get some car insurance quotes, grab groceries, and wander the streets for just a bit longer. It was such a good decision. Walking through the streets of Galway (on any day) is similar to strolling through a small music festival. 

I want to share two of my favorite artists of the day, the first of which is a David Gray cover of This Year's Love. This song reminds me of my family home, the tune seemed to always fill our house growing up. If you haven't heard the full song, look it up now.

I LOVE me some David Gray. 

Another sweet sound of the day came from a group called Keywest. They are on Spotify, and worth a listen. I bought both of their albums for 10 euro before realizing I could listen to it all for free, but I am happy to support the artists. They are worth it.

Before singing this song, the lead said, "This one's for my ex-girlfriend...because...she's a b*#ch." He was reaffirmed by a roar of laughter from the crowded street. I guess many of us feel similarly about our exes.